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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] The Existence of ProgSoc

To the ProgSoc membership:

To further emphasise the importance of the ProgSoc AGM
(Monday 29/3/99, 6pm - Bornholt Room, Lvl3 Blg1 near the 
Union desk) I'd like to remind you all that for the
continuing existence of the UTS Programmers' Society,
the membership MUST participate.

There has been an extremely low lack of interest and 
enthusiasm in this society where it has been a struggle
to even get 20 members to show up to the meetings - including
the one where the ProgSoc executive get voted in!  For
a society with over 100 members, it's a very sad effort.
Fair enough that a lot of people work, are in another state
or country - but for those who are in Sydney, I'm sure that
a lot of you have never been to more than one, if any of
the ProgSoc meetings.

If people don't start showing an interest, there will be no
executive and no society.  I'm sure to a lot of you it might
just mean the loss of another account and you don't care 
because you only use ProgSoc as an ISP (WHICH IT IS NOT!),
but for people who have put a lot of work and effort into
making ProgSoc grow to what it is, I think it is rather rude.  
If you use the facilities that people work to maintain, the 
least you could do is turn up to one of the meetings.  

Here is your chance.  Nominations for positions in the ProgSoc
Executive 1999 close Friday and there are a *really* small
number of nominations - you can nominate/second any
member of ProgSoc and you'll have an extremely good chance
of getting voted into the position.. 

You've had a lot of notification about this AGM, so please at
least turn up to this one!

Vice President
UTS Programmers' Society