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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Video Night - Thursday 2nd September

G'day all, while we're in the mood for announcements & activities ... !

WHAT:	All-night sleep-might low-light Video Night

WHERE:	Building 10, with a projector (location TBA)

WHEN:	Thursday Night, 2nd September
	6 or 7 pm-ish until late

F00D:	6-FOOT SUB!  We're going to try something experimental,
	and create a new hot chicken variety for you.

DRINX:	We provide these too (not alcohol)

SNAX:	And these.

	We're going to show some really damn good stuff.
	Most of it you wouldn't have seen before.
	Here's a taste:

	- Double The Fist (very violent and undergrad)
	- Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (taking the piss out of a movie)
	- The Red Dwarf American Pilot (okay not actually "good")
	- from the makers of Red Dwarf, a series not seen in Australia
	- Killer Condom movie from Germany, or Orgazmo, or Baseketball
	- maybe some D-Generation, Alexei Sayle, Young Ones, CNNNN
	- stir to taste, let simmer for 5 mins, and serve

	Email any other suggestions.

Please RSVP so I can get an idea for the catering.

Christian Kent.