[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Locking of ProgSoc Network Accounts -- 26th May 2011 -- Reminder

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Thu May 19 15:14:12 EST 2011

Just a gentle reminder that you have until

    26th of May, 2011 at 10am AEST

to renew your membership for 2011 in order to avoid having your account
locked (and going through the rigmarole of getting it unlocked after this
date...). The cost of annual membership is:

    $5 Australian for members of the UTS Union Advantage Programme, or
    $10 Australian for everyone else,

If you have paid your membership, please disregard the above message, but
regard the following message:

Thank you renewing your membership and thank you for helping Make ProgSoc

Tom Bozic
ProgSoc President

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