[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] ProgSoc AGM 2014 - Nominations for Executives Thur 27th March

Livia Lam livia at progsoc.org
Thu Mar 6 20:33:40 EST 2014

Hi all,

The biggest event in the ProgSoc calendar is here. The 2014 Annual General
Meeting (AGM) will be held on 27th March 2014.

At the AGM, you will learn about what the club has done last year, help
decide what direction the club will be heading this year, but most
importantly, eat free pizza...and equally importantly, decide which seven
ProgSoc members shall form the 26th Society Executive.


When: 27th March 2013 (Thursday) 1830 (6:30pm)
Where: TBA
Catering: Free pizza

Nominations for Executive:

You may begin to cast nominations for the 2014 ProgSoc Executive between
now and the start of the AGM, by sending an email to progsoc at

You can also cast nominations at the AGM itself.

The Executive positions to be voted upon are:

* President
* Vice-President
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Computer Systems Officer
* Competitions Officer
* First Year Representative
* Alumni Representative

Follow the procedures below for each nomination:

1. One person makes a motion for nomination (write something to the effect
of "Nomination: {member} for {executive role}" in the subject and "I
nominate {member} for {executive role}" in the body -- feel free to
elaborate as to why you nominated someone for that role and to explain why
they would be ideal for the role.)

2. Another person seconds the nomination.

3. The nominated person accepts the nomination.

A nomination will not be considered to be valid if it lacks support, lacks
acceptance from the nominated person, or both. Each member can initiate
more than one nomination and support multiple nominations.

You can keep track of the status of all 2014 Executive nominations/agenda
for the AGM, here:


Happy nominating and we hope to see you all at the AGM!


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