Re: logos

James Wondrasek (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 13:49:21 +1000 (EST)

On Thu, 5 Jan 1995, Ian Woolf wrote:

> Out of curiosity, why did we abandon the Eye In the Pyramid symbol?

We haven't abandoned it. In the new logo the eye now dominates our view,
and the pyramid is somewhere below us. In the first instance, it is a
symbol of progsoc's progression towards the essential mysteries that first
drew us together. Secondly, note the sunset motif balanced around the
horizontal axis. It is a popular fin de siecle image, which Iain uses to
draw our attention to the rising importance of the community as the 20th
century draws to a close, and the concomittant anxiety as we wait for a
new age to begin.

The sunset is a desert sunset, as evident in the smoothness of the curves
and the fields of blue, and it is taking place over our pyramid, a nod to
the organisation as organism and solemn recognition of its mortality and
our own passage through progsoc. After all, how many, once graduated and
with their own jobs to hold down, will continue to participate in progsoc

Also note that the mysteries are re-addressed by the two scarabs, one white,
one blue, opposed yet interlocked. A strong link to the pyramid which is
no longer present, and a symbol of the diadic cyclone, left-brain
right-brain and mind-body duality. Rich with meaning, suggestive perhaps
of our need to balance our intellectual pursuits with other more earthly
activities, and the balance of skills and personalities of our members
that when brought together form the sum that is progsoc.

Finally, the circles. Symbol of completion, of safety and of wholeness.
There are three of them, need I say more?

No, Ian, I do not miss the eye in the pyramid. It is still present in the
logo, as it is in all of us.


PS. Of course it might just be a variation on the bio-hazard symbol.