[ProgSoc] Email Australia, Powerhouse Muesuem

Chris Laughton chrislaughton at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 14:49:39 EST 2008

Looking through the news, I came across this article that caught my attention

>From April 1, 2008, Windows Live Hotmail and the Powerhouse Museum
are creating Australia's first ever e-mail archive to capture a
snapshot of Australian society and celebrate the >role e-mail plays in
our day-to-day communication.

>To date, no public record of e-mail has been compiled. So we need
your help to capture the good, the bad and the interesting from the
world of e-mail to preserve for future generations. >If you've
received, written or forwarded an e-mail that you think is worth
remembering, we want to see it.

Was just thinking, any emails from Progsoc we should submit to the
archieve, people thoughts ideas ?, Remember all the old email archives
are available at


For more info :-




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