[ProgSoc] Lotsadisk - stuck for ideas

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Wed Apr 23 23:49:50 EST 2008


 I'm looking for ideas for an animation shop I do some work
 for from time to time.

 Their requirements are a bit fuzzy, and tend to change every
 couple of months, so I'm trying to work out something that
 offers some amount of flexibility as far as expansion goes.

 They've got a 4 x 1TB SATA array in a tower (2TB RAID5, one hot
 spare, room for 5 more drives internal).  They're about to get an
 LTO4 unit (external, probably SCSI, but might go SAS).

 What they think they want now is a new 4TB of data, much of which
 doesn't need to be backed up (contents will come in on removable
 drives - and is recoverable from original provider and/or those
 external drives).  100MB per TB is reckoned to be needed to be
 backed up per night.  (So network transfer is fine.)

 And of course, 4TB is just April's predicted requirement.

 They're looking at SCSI or SAS connected arrays, but these things
 tend to be expensive, or very limiting (<5 bays), or both.  Where
 are the whitebox 14-bay dumb enclosures?  Most insist on providing
 NAS, or even iSCSI (which would probably be fine) but are way over
 the cost of a comparable tower case with quad-core, 4GB RAM,
 custom box, for example.  I'm sure these things were coming in on
 the cheap from China back in 2001 - boxes full of IDE controllers,
 that provided a SCSI connect.  Anyhoo ...

 There's a requirement that they can get 200Mbps (or rather, stream
 27MBps) to the desktop - a Mac.  I reason 1GbE will happily do this,
 and even software RAID5 (Linux) can do this in its sleep, but we'd run
 some trials first to satisfy them.  10GbE would be excellent, but
 I don't know about OSX support for this, and switches with NICs
 will cost us upwards of $4k (using copper - CX4 stuff).

 So .. any ideas from the Mac and storage galleries?


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