[ProgSoc] Windows / SMP and JobSoc

Edward Forgacs edward.forgacs at quantumsoftware.com.au
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> I want to convince a Windows (2k3 server)  box that it's a single-core

For the purposes of Windows licensing, a dual-core CPU is considered to be a single CPU, regardless of how Windows identifies the CPU. Can I ask therefore why you would need to do this? Is it some strange non-standard license you're dealing with?


Edward Forgacs

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 After the stunning responses I got about disks for the SMB I'm
 driven to ask these dumb questions.

 1.  For licence reasons, I want to convince a Windows (2k3 server)
 box that it's a single-core.  This is astonishingly easy, but nearly
 pointless, with a Linux kernel.  Is it possible with Windows?

 2.  At work they're looking for a 7-weeker PC deployment person,
 not a lot of experience or skill required, but an understanding of
 XP, SOEs, maybe Netware, ability to work unsupervised, yada yada.
 90% of the time jobsoc is invoked, I wonder why they don't mention
 dollars.  The other 10% of the time I roll my eyes at their hubris
 (after they've specified the dollars).  So this gig's worth about $40
 an hour.  Ideally to someone who wants a short gap fill and has
 their own company they can bill through.  Ha!  (I'll say it for you.)

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