[ProgSoc] ipv6 proxies / search engines

Andrew Halliday mail at andi.id.au
Wed Apr 30 21:59:18 EST 2008

I'm on campus at ANU thesedays, a place where you get 10Megs of net quota a
day and where it costs $20-/Gb over that.To get around this I use Voda's 3G
mobile broadband which costs me $39/mo for 5Gb. It's pretty bad throughput,
averaging about 256Kbps (latency though isn't too bad).

I recently discovered that IPv6 traffic is free and as such have a keen
interest in getting access to whatever I can through this.

Is anyone aware of any free open proxies that are accessible via IPv6 and of
any IPv6 specific search engines, etc as my net experience will be limited
to this scope of addressing.

I can either go 256Kbps on 3G or 20-40Mbps sustained through the Uni to the
outside world, hence my desire to IPv6 up my net experience.

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