[ProgSoc] Who wants to put up with me for six months?

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Wed Jul 1 02:55:41 EST 2009

...basically, my first year at uni is finished, so the time has come for
me to undertake my engineering internship. Problem is - like most other
people - I'm having trouble finding one. I have a few leads, a few
contacts, a few ideas, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a few more.

So, I've resorted to posting to this list as a plea to help a fellow
member of the club out. I know many of you are well-established in the ICT
industry, so I was wondering if your company (or if you know of a company
that) has, any positions suitable for a first-year electrical or computer
systems engineering student for a minimum of 22 weeks (24 is ideal). My
aim is to put what I've learnt this year into practice and to learn even
more (and to see if I've made the right choice for my major).

I am ready to start as soon as possible, hopefully no later than August.
Will need to be located within the Sydney metro area, as it is a tad too
late to organise an out-of-city or interstate internship (and I don't have
a valid passport - yet).

I can't promise that I'll have the know-how, but I will learn. I value
experience over money, although I do expect to at least be remunerated for
my lunch and transport. And I will earn my keep, or die trying, so I won't
be a complete waste of your company's resources (I might even be of
benefit to your company).

Perhaps it's a bit bold of me to ask on a public mailing list, but it's
worth a shot. I rate my chances of finding the internship on the internal
faculty list rather slim (and mainstream job websites even slimmer).

Thanks in advance,


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