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The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Young Leader Today

We are excited to announce that we have two members of the NSW
Governments Youth Advisory Council, Travis Holland and Katy Brownless,
who are going to give a presentation about challenges and rewards of
being a young leader today. Their presentation will be an informal
exploration and discussion of their different backgrounds and how they
have influenced their leadership styles. It will also focus on:

*        Strategies to employ common leadership skills to a variety of
situations and circumstances.
*        The challenges that can be overcome with strong leadership
*        Demonstrating leadership in difficult circumstances.
*        How can you demonstrate leadership in your community?
*        What does it take to be a leader?

Youth Advisory Council

The New South Wales Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was established in 1989
under the Youth Advisory Council Act, to ensure that young people
participate in the development of Government policies and programs which
concern them.

The NSW YAC advises the NSW Government on issues of importance to young
people and provides a direct avenue of communication between the young
people of NSW and the NSW Government.

The Council was established under the Youth Advisory Council Act (1989)
and reports to the Minister for Youth. The YAC advises the NSW
Government on:

*        Issues of concern to young people (aged 12-25) in NSW;
*        Government policies relating to young people; and,
*        Youth-related programs.

The council consists of 12 members nominated from communities around

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