[ProgSoc] ProgSoc Christmas Party

Tina Ng rosareven at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 23:44:33 EST 2010

To everyone: the dinner will be at Wagaya on this Friday 8pm. I booked for
13 and there are still spots available, so feel free to drop by even if you
didn't RSVP. See you all there.

To those who are coming for LAN party after dinner:

I have booked for a 8-computer room in City Hunter @ Sussex Street at
10:30pm. We have to be there on time and they will only hold the room for 15
minutes, so if you think we cannot finish dinner by 10:30pm, say so now so I
can change the time to something later.

I was also told that the room does not have extra seats available, regarding
the fact that we will have 9 or more people showing up at the 8-computer

- Tina

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 6:02 PM, Tina Ng <rosareven at gmail.com> wrote:

> For those who want to come to the LAN party after dinner next Friday:
> We are about to book for a room in City Hunter @ Sussex Street. They offer
> the following pricing model:
> - $84 all-together for 3 hours
> - $21 per-person for 12 hours
> So the question is, how many of you think 3 hours is going to be enough for
> LAN party next week?
> If there are more people planning to be done within 3 hours, I will book
> for the $84 deal. Those who wish to stay longer can have the option to pay
> more on their own and stay behind. I'm not sure if you can still hold the
> room afterwards though.
> Please respond before tomorrow so that I can place the booking.
> - Tina
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