[ProgSoc] Predict Sydney traffic?

traltixx at progsoc.org traltixx at progsoc.org
Tue Dec 21 15:59:52 EST 2010

> On 15/12/2010 4:59 PM, traltixx at progsoc.org wrote:
>>> On 11/12/2010 6:30 PM, John Elliot wrote:
>>> The best genetic algorithm is now placed 12th [1] out of 115 teams.
>>> Slowly getting there...
>>> [1] http://kaggle.com/RTA?viewtype=leaderboard
>> I wouldn't mind donating CPU time but I don't seem to have visual studio
>> installed.
> Cool. It's amazing how CPU intensive it is. I completely re-wrote the
> genetic algorithm platform to use performant data structures (arrays
> instead of linked lists, and sealed classes rather than interfaces) and
> still it takes ages. I've been running it for a few days and have only
> done 38 generations (of ~150 strategies per generation).
>> On the other hand, I have python and I was trying to convert it
>> to python (while downloading C# and seeing which one would be done
>> first).
>> Anyway, good luck and I'll post the python code once I'm done.
> Good luck with the python port, I'll be interested to check it out.

Here is the python port so far: http://progsoc.org/~traltixx/m4.py
I didn't clean it up to be as OO as the original and I've yet to make the
interface but I got visual studio now. Also, it seems that the processes
doesn't untilize all resources/cpu's on my machine. is it multi-threading
sensitive or something?
Also, here is another take I made:
http://progsoc.org/~traltixx/master_2.py which tries to guess which model
the traffic fits..probably won't do as well as the genetic algorithm one

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