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Ahmedi Vawda ahmed.vawda1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:01:59 EST 2010


I am contacting you believing that we can work together. Note that this message is personally addressed to you and I am contacting you,knowing your capabilities and knowledge as a professional and as someone who can handle any investment we go into. We can work together as partners with your cooperation. This business proposal I wish to intimate you with is of mutual benefit and its success is entirely based on mutual trust, cooperation and a high level of confidentiality.

I am Ahmedi Vawda,a deputy director and Secretary of the Contract Advisory Committee (CAC) of the National Department of Housing {NDH}, South Africa. Four years ago, monies were approved for the building of 3,000.000 units of Medium Housing Estate Phase 1 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Visit: http://www.housing.gov.za 

A total of USD152M {one hundred and fifty-two Million United States Dollars} was approved for me to use in completing the job but I was able to negotiate and bargain with the contractor for a total of USD137M {One hundred and Thirty seven Million United States Dollars} to finish the job leaving a balance of USD15M {Fifteen Million United States Dollars} being the sum of the over invoicing we did bonded in a suspense account at the reserve bank of south Africa. 

I am soliciting your partnership in investing this money in your country in design and construction related sectors and also in any profitable investment in your country with your assistance as my partner. I also want you to look out for any property we can buy with these funds. An investment in designs and construction and ancillary products, or a resort center with some lodging facilities anywhere in your country or as you will advise. Since you have a Professional knowledge, and I want you to also be my partner in this Venture, because I know that as a Professional, you will be more dedicated to manage the investment when we commence. 

Please respond indicating your interest in this venture so that I will give you the details of this transaction after which you will have to lookon how we are to invest this funds. Be informed that this is just an investment proposal and we will discuss the partnership and what will be accruing to each party in further correspondence after you respond to this message. Note, that all modalities have been put in place to effect fund transfer following all required international monetary policies and procedures.

Thank you for your attention and have a blessed day as i await your response via my personal email - (ahmed.vawda1 at gmail.com)

Ahmedi Vawda
Department of Housing
South Africa.

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