[ProgSoc] NSURLConnect (iPhone SDK, NdV might know this?)

Nathan de Vries nathan at atnan.com
Fri Feb 26 19:43:24 EST 2010

Hi Bryn,

If you've configured the "UniWireless" network to automatically configure itself via the proxy auto-config file supplied by the uni [1], applications that use NSURLConnection should work just fine. Facebook definitely uses NSURLConnection, however I know that it also implements the delegate method I mentioned earlier. Unless they're correctly handling the authentication challenge, you may not be able to connect correctly.

One option would be to sign up to an ADC account and create a small test case to see if you're able to connect. You'd need to run it on the device because the simulator has a different network stack, but it would let you rule out an issue at your end.



[1] http://www.its.unimelb.edu.au/support/networks/wireless/uniwireless/apple_iphone

On 26/02/2010, at 6:13 PM, Bryn Davies wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> Thanks for the response! I guess the problem must lie somewhere
> else... using the proxy at Melbourne Uni (which I think is squid),
> Mobile Safari works fine, but other apps that talk to the web
> (Facebook, Urbanspoon, Tramtracker, Pro RSS, Stocks etc) fail
> horribly. I might have a dig in the ipa files and see if they
> implemented the delegate.
> A few other people seem to be having the same problem, and
> puzzlingly, say it only cropped up after upgrading from iPhone OS 1.4
> to 2.0. I didn't have my device then (only an iPod touch) so I can't
> say whether that was the case or not.
> Cheers,
>   Bryn

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