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                              P R O G S O C

= ProgSoc Monthly Recap - June 2010 =

JUNE... The bitter-sweet month. The month of intense examination battles,
and at the same time the month one thinks "it's all going to be over soon".
See what ProgSoc has been up to while everyone was bathing in the


== ProgSoc June Talk: Programmable Logic Devices and Microcontrollers ==

On 10th June, Tom pushed himself over the limits to give a 'talk' for us.
The basic concepts of these devices were explained with comprehensive logic
gate diagrams and real equipment demonstrations.

There might not be a talk for July, since this is supposed to be the
"Holiday! Hurray!" month for most audiences. There will be presence in
ProgSoc room during July regardless, so if you are inspired, feel free to
drop by and spark a discussion or a heated debate on IT-related topics.

== Further Clean-ups in the ProgSoc Room ==

More actions have been taken towards the hygiene of the ProgSoc room this
month. Some of our old computers and equipment are now "in a better place".
The server-cooling fan that had accumulated much dust has now been cleaned,
although we found out that the fan does not contribute much to the server
temperature, thanks to our new NiCad battery-powered thermometers,
monitoring the ambient temperature of both the front and rear of the server
enclosure (see the current temp at http://webcam.progsoc.org). The floor has
had its annual vacuum. Our ex-president (and prodigal son) John Elliot also
dropped by and helped defrost the fridge -- now we can enjoy ice-blocks!

== IntelliPaper 2.0 Status ==

Livia, Isabelle and Tina hosted another round of IntelliPaper for SPROUTS
during Discovery Day, for high school students ranging from Year 8 to Year

IntelliPaper will be hosted the third time during August for the second
WiE&IT Hands-on Day, this time for Year 10 girls. However the day of the
second Hands-on Day is going to clash with class times for both Tina and
Livia, so we are going to desperately need extra help this time. Let Livia
or Tina know if you would like to give us a hand.

== TFM Status ==

Most of us have been spending time 'writing' for our exams instead of
writing for TFM, therefore it is still in an idle status with no further
progress made, although this should change this holiday month. We still aim
to publish this work of art within this year!


One final news item that technically does not relate to this month's recap
(since it took place on the first day of *this* month): eleven of the club's
members celebrated the end of this semester and completion of Margaret's
degree at Pancakes on the Rocks at Darling Harbour.

ProgSoc wishes all of you a good July break, and if you happen to have a
boring Thursday night, ProgSoc will be always at the same place waiting for
you. In other words, feel free to drop by during July Thursdays, for we will
still be around during the break.

ProgSoc Monthly Recap brought to you by:
Tina Ng, Secretary of ProgSoc 2010
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