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I have a more basic question - why are you doing the course? Does it matter
how much effort you need to put in to do well? How well do you want to go,
and how much effort will that take in each? Once you get your piece of paper
at the end (of subject or course), how will you use that piece of paper? I
did the much older version of the .NET course (it was on VB6) so from that
perspective Im not much help.


On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 1:08 PM, James Ducker <jducker at it.uts.edu.au> wrote:

> I work for an Agile .NET development company, so I would say both. However,
> 31927 says it focuses on VB.NET <http://vb.net/>, which is teh sux0r next
> to C#. I would give it a miss and instead do 31100 Enterprise Development
> with .NET, which applies a crash course in C# in the first few weeks (if
> you're familiar with Java, picking C# up is not hard at all).
> On 23 July 2010 11:51, Chris Deigan <ctd at progsoc.uts.edu.au> wrote:
>> Howdy ProgSoc'ers,
>> I'm still toying around with which subjects I'll be doing this coming
>> semester.
>> Just wondering if anyone had any comments or past experiences with either
>> of these subjects (or their past versions):
>>        31927 Application Development with .NET (
>> http://www.handbook.uts.edu.au/subjects/31927.html)
>>        31335 Extreme Programming (
>> http://www.handbook.uts.edu.au/subjects/31335.html)
>> Off or on-list replies welcome.
>> -Chris.
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