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            sMMMMNdo-`     -:-/+`
            sNmy/.          .dMMs`
            ::`              -mNms`
                              P R O G S O C
(ASCII provided by Tom)


= ProgSoc Monthly Recap - May 2010 =

This month has been a bit more quiet than the last, but still slightly
noisier than an average month of life in ProgSoc. Read on for a
reflection on what we have been up to this month:


== IntelliPaper at Women in Engineering and IT Hands-on Day ==
Livia and Tina represented ProgSoc to run IntelliPaper - a simple
programming activity for Year 12 girls - at WIE&IT Hands-on Day
on 19th May. Other than factors out of our control such as groups coming
in late and time constraints, IntelliPaper was a success. We received
mostly positive feedbacks for this activity, with some of
the participants expressing an interest in programming after
participating in the activity.

Thank you Thomas Given-Wilson, Tom Bozic and Daniel Bryan for
assisting in the set up of IntelliPaper, and also Theresa Dinh from WIE&IT
for organising this Hands-on Day, providing print-outs and other

We will be repeating IntelliPaper on Discovery Day at 15th June, with Tina,
Livia and Isabelle as hosts. We are also very likely to run this again for
the next Hands-on Day at August, this time targeted towards Year 10

== ProgSoc Unused Equipment Clean-up ==
Nothing in this world lasts forever, not least of all the historic
hardware that have been lying around our space-limited ProgSoc room since
forever. To free up more space in our room, we have decided to do
something about the equipment other than showcasing /
hiding them in the room.

As proposed by vice-president Tom: we will first track
down the "godfathers" (original owner / donor) of these unused
equipments. If the "godfathers" are nowhere to be found or do not
wish to have their equipment back, they will be freely distributed to
ProgSoc members. If a piece of equipment is not wanted by any fellow
we are open to suggestions as to what we should do with it, the most
probable fate being disposal.

You can find the original topic about this clean-up project here:

List of unused equipment:

== Wagaya Sushi Roulette ==
The brave souls of ProgSoc took the sushi roulette challenge on 27th
May. Former ProgSoc CSO (1997, 2002) Anand Kumria also joined us in
the fun that night. We had the normal roulette (wasabi hit: Thomas,
Tom, Anand and Eric), reversed roulette (wasabi hit: everyone but
Margaret and Thomas), sneak-in chilli vodka from Thomas, assorted
Japanese alcohol drinks (notably a cocktail named "ninja turtles") and

Hacking into the touch screen ordering system of Wagaya was
unsuccessful. And as a result of this event, Raz has obtained a
membership from Wagaya, which he can gain points for various discounts
with Wagaya. Congratulations Raz!

== ProgSoc May Talk: AJAX vs Flash ==
An under-advertised talk was conducted on 6th May, in an
open-discussion manner where we discussed various advantages and
issues with both AJAX and Flash. Tina the host tried to be neutral on
this discussion, but the conclusion seemed to lean towards the opinion
that AJAX is better.

Alternative conclusion was that it doesn't matter which technology is
better, when you use NoScript / various disable-Flash browser addons /
turn JavaScript off to save yourself from numerous web script hazards
(mainly Flash ads, unexpected video components that extend page
loading time etc).

The next talk on 10th June will be conducted by Tom, about how
programmable logic devices and microcontrollers can
cure cancer, grant wishes and create miracles. An integrated
CPLD/microcontroller kit developed by the UTS Engineering faculty
will be demonstrated and used as part of the talk. Come join this talk so
you can learn how to bring world peace (or how computers work on their
fundamental level).

== TFM Reminder ==
Work, assignments, exam preparations for the end of this semester, and
various other matters sure have taken our attention away from TFM. We
aim to have TFM printed some time this year, and it will be printed
when it's ready, so let's remember to get TFM
ready before "some time this year" so it can be finally printed "some
time this year", for other people to enjoy its full glory, and
potentially get more people to join our club.

== Euler Project ==
This is a never ending project. There will always be some new
programming language for you to write a new solution for, and there
are always new questions updated on the official Euler question list. Sick
of programming assignments? Program an Euler solution for a change.
You will find that it's not programming that you hate. It's just the


Tina hopes you enjoy the second series of ProgSoc Monthly Recap and wishes
you all the best in your final assignments and exams. Criticism and
suggestions are always welcomed.

ProgSoc Monthly Recap brought to you by:
Tina Ng
Secretary of ProgSoc 2010
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