[ProgSoc] RFC: Unused equipment in the ProgSoc room

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Mon May 24 23:49:44 EST 2010

Mademoiselle President has compiled a list of unused computer gear from
aeons ago that are *still* in the ProgSoc room to this day, which can be
found at [1] and - owing to a lack of bullets aimed at her in recent
months - has charged me with writing this email informing you of said

Now, as much I'd like ProgSoc to be a veritable museum of computer
history, I do agree with Margaret that space in our room is limited and -
at some point - the equipment will have to go. So, I propose the

1. The equipment on the list is to be initially offered to the
person/people that originally donated the equipment (or as the entries in
[2] describes them, "godfathers"). A(n in)complete list of retired gear
can be read at [3].

2. If the godfather of a machine is undeterminable or was not contactable
within a reasonable time-frame or does not wish to have their equipment
returned to them, then the equipment will be offered to the rest of the
ProgSoc membership for the taking.

(The rationale behind 1. and 2. is so that we have at least some idea of
where the equipment went. Say if we made a mistake and we need/want the
equipment back or either a club member or perhaps the godfather decides to
make a claim on the equipment after the equipment has left the room.
Tracking down its whereabouts should not, therefore, be a problem. Plus, I
want to be sure that the equipment remains in safe, trusted hands. They're
elderly beasts; treat them with tender, loving care.)

3. If and only if there are no willing takers from within the club and it
has been determined that no data of importance, where applicable, is still
on the machines in question, do we leave the equipment outside the club
room door for scavengers/Facilities Management/etc. to do with it as they
see fit.


(Monsieur Vice-President)

[1] http://progsoc.org/wiki/index.php/Unused_Equipment

[2] http://progsoc.org/wiki/index.php/The_Fleet_of_Machines

[3] http://progsoc.org/wiki/index.php/Machine_Graveyard

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