[ProgSoc] ProgSoc August Recap

Tina Ng rosareven at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 19:41:55 EST 2010

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            sMMMMNdo-`     -:-/+`
            sNmy/.          .dMMs`
            ::`              -mNms`
                              P R O G S O C

= ProgSoc Monthly Recap - August 2010 =

The beginning of Semester Two 2010 has come and gone. What might have you
missed from ProgSoc while you were busy gathering your subject outlines
and relevant textbooks? Let's find out:


== Löwenbräu ==

On 19th August, about ten brave ProgSoc vikings invaded the Löwenbräu
Keller in the Rocks to sample some of their fine German beer, delectable
"schweinshaxe mit sauerkraut" and its homely, rustic atmosphere.
Also, birthday boy Noah was serenaded with some traditional pipe and horn
music. Photos of the night will be posted on the wiki soon....maybe...

== Booth at Clubs Day + UTS Open Day ==

ProgSoc proudly made its presence on these two important days, promoting
ProgSoc to others and recruiting new members. We have successfully
recruited at least 3 new members.

== IntelliPaper on second Hands-on Day ==

ProgSoc also proudly made its presence on the second WIE&IT Hands-on Day,
this time presenting IntelliPaper to Year 10 girls. It was, of course,
another excellent success.

== TFM Reminder ==

We *are* printing TFM this year for sure! There are really only three more
chapters waiting to be written, then it will all be complete and ready to
be printed. Again if you wish to contribute to TFM, please let us know,
even if you wish to start a new chapter!


Thus it is the end of August, and we step into September. Speaking of
September, Rob Howard has given his talk on Basic Web Security, however we
are thinking of rerunning this talk so that none of you will miss out

ProgSoc wishes you good luck on all your assignment 1s and all your studies.

ProgSoc Monthly Recap brought to you by:

Tina Ng, Secretary of ProgSoc 2010,

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