[ProgSoc] UML tools for Linux

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Sun Sep 5 13:22:16 EST 2010

> Hi, guys. Sorry to bother you again. Do you know any good UML tools for
> linux to draw sequence diagram? Thanks a lot.

Try the default diagram drawing application that comes with your Ubuntu
installation (*), Dia. It does flowcharts and UML. Make sure you use
monospaced fonts throughout, otherwise your writing will come out all
squashed and wonky on paper. It's not perfect, as you can tell, but it'll
probably be sufficient for your needs.

sudo apt-get install dia if you don't have it already...


(*) I know he has Ubuntu installed on his notebook, since I helped him
install it, ergo I'm not being presumptuous :P

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