[ProgSoc] Laptop options

Peter Dolkens peter.dolkens at ddrit.com
Sun Dec 11 14:03:31 EST 2011

>  You're one screen size up from my preferred size (12" or lower)
>  I'm getting around 10-12hrs on mine with the battery slice. :)

The problem here is you've got a netbook / ultralight. $50 says it doesn't
contain an i7 and cutting edge GPU and still deliver 10 hours battery life.

I think the realistic battery life expectancy for a machine with Tom's
original spec is quite easily in the range of 2 hours.

If you look at my laptop history, you can discover that my primary machines
for the first few years were bleeding-edge / gaming spec hardware, and 2
hours was always the expected battery life when the rigs were new.

My old manager at work has just handed back his 15" thinkpad, because it's
too heavy and clunky to cart around, and the battery life isn't that great.
It has high specs, but he never utilized them, so he has ditched it in
favour of a Macbook Air.

 - Pete
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