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Thomas Given-Wilson sanguinev at niflheim.progsoc.uts.edu.au
Sun Dec 11 14:44:28 EST 2011

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 01:56:29PM +1100, Peter Dolkens wrote:
> Yes, G series are fairly heavy, and battery life if you're asking for real
> numbers, not the pretty numbers that the manufacturers tell you, is around
> 2 hours.
> The specs you listed however are very much desktop replacement grade, and
> if you can find any manufacturer who can PROVIDE, not just CLAIM to do
> better than 2 hours, then I'd be interested, but it's really not machines
> of your desired spec are designed to do.

Word on the internet is that Lenovo T520/W520 with i7-2720/2760 and nVidia
graphics cards can go for ~6 hours on the standard 9 cell battery.
(Claimed up to 10.8 with Optimus technology by Lenovo, ~6 hours is
by users doing normal desktop/internet stuff... not gaming.)

I am not sure what the current state of Apple products are, but they
have usually hd really good battery life for their specs too. So I
consider 3+ hours to be reasonably achievable (I would love to have
the 6-7 as claimed above/with my old laptop, but would settle for less.)

> As for the Asus product lifecycle, they have just released the zenbook line
> ( http://www.asus.com/News/MNoK2VFBE4WdbJC3/ ) and based on their history,
> I'd expect a new line out around Feb ( http://www.asus.com/News/Notebooks/ )
> though I can't guess right now which series they'll be improving next.

That may be too far away... But if Lenovo fixes my current one cheap I
could wait.

> All that being said, what are you actually after in a laptop? Your desired
> spec was quite high from the get-go, though you seem to expect portability
> and battery life. If you NEED a top-of-the line i7, then your battery life
> is going to be shit no matter who you go with. If you were just picking
> that because you wanted to future-proof yourself, my suggestion is to save
> half the money that a bleeding-edge machine with no portability of battery
> life is going to demand, and buy yourself an upgraded medium-level laptop
> every 1.5 years (going on your quoted timeframe of 3 years, these laptops
> should last considerably longer than 1.5 years)

I want (need is a bit strong) something that will handle serious computing
(compilation, simulations, gaming, etc.) and also be future proof (I don't
want to reconfigure everything on a new system too often).

> *Portability + Performance*
> K53SC (
> http://www.iibuy.com.au/asusk53scnotebookcorei72670qm220ghz310ghzturbo156hdled4gbram750gbhdddvddlgt520mwifin-p-192833.html
>  )
> Weight: 2.6KG
> Battery Life: 4+ Hours (According to benchmarking sites)
> Display: 15"  1366x768
> Processor: Core i7-2670QM
> RAM: 4GB
> Storage: 750GB 5400RPM
> GPU: GT520MX
> Chipset: USB 3 + SATA 3
> The K53 can play Rage on maximum settings without any difficulty.
> - Pete

The K53 is very close to what I want, except for the crappy screen
resolution (assuming RAM and HDD can be upgraded). :(

- SanguineV

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