[ProgSoc] Laptop options

arp arp at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Sun Dec 11 15:48:08 EST 2011

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 02:03:31PM +1100, Peter Dolkens wrote:
> >  You're one screen size up from my preferred size (12" or lower)
> >  I'm getting around 10-12hrs on mine with the battery slice. :)
> The problem here is you've got a netbook / ultralight. $50 says it doesn't

Well it's not a problem. I know it's not what he wants but I figured I'd
brag anyway. ;)

> contain an i7 and cutting edge GPU and still deliver 10 hours battery life.

Has an i7 but no grunty GPU. It's fine. Just watching HD slo-mo videos on
it right now. I doubt the system felt it.

> I think the realistic battery life expectancy for a machine with Tom's
> original spec is quite easily in the range of 2 hours.

Depends. Find the right box and it'll switch off the 2ndry gpu unless it's
required so on-the-go not playing portal 2 he'll be fine.

Anyway, as mentioned, my purchase doesn't fit his needs. I was just yapping
and the major point was to wait for a regular lenovo sale.


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