[ProgSoc] Forest (Realm) Source Code

dale.geddes at netspace.net.au dale.geddes at netspace.net.au
Mon Dec 12 17:40:01 EST 2011

Hey Guys,

Looking For Someone In Your Society That Knows Alot About And Remembers Forest 
or Realm The Old MUD you guys used to run on (I Know Its Sad I 
Remember The IP) LOL i was a regular on there known as (Rustyboy).

I Now Run A Server Colocation Business Renting Rackspace In A Sydney Datacenter 
And I Have A Old 1U Pentium III server running Debian Linux Sitting there ATM 
As My 3Rd Nameserver And I Was About To Take It Out Of Commission When I 
Thought Gee I Wonder If I Could Get Hold Of The Source Code To Forest And Use 
This Old Server To Reserect The Realm Project!

Id Run A Apache Webserver And Reserect the Realm Webiste

Id Run The Forest Talker

Both Of Those Would Work Rather Well On This Server And Best Of All I Miss The 
Good Ol Days Of Forest So I Want To Reserect It

Alot Of My Friends Have Agreed To Come Back If I Could Accomplish This So Will 
Be A Big Thing If Accomplished!


Dale Geddes

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