[ProgSoc] Excellent little programming/hardware demos for O-day, so come to the Progsoc room today

marauder marauder at marauder.net.au
Thu Feb 3 00:25:09 EST 2011

On 31/01/2011, at 2:24 PM, Anand Kumria wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:14 AM, marauder <marauder at marauder.net.au> wrote:
>> 5. Registration-taker
>> Not a psych thing, just a thing.  I'm writing one in Django so people can scan the barcodes on student cards/Union cards, take signups and renewals, and spit out receipts.  It would take someone who knew Django about half an hour to bang this out, but I don't know Django and I've spent 8 hours to get maybe 1/3 of the way.  If anyone wants to school me a bit it would be hugely appreciated.
> I'd be happy to help with this, what are the git details?

Excellent!  http://gitorious.org/progsoc-psyche-oday-collection/registration

Justin Steward wrote the main lump, I tinkered a bit until it has the workflow I think I want.  It's now at a stage where other people can help, without me having to be right there saying 'this is what I meant!'  There are probably lots of things I haven't done in the Djangoest way.  

Still to do: 
- straighten out my efforts into better Django
- membership receipts, as HTML
- membership receipts, as PDFs auto-saved to filesystem
- a thing that watches for saved PDFs and feeds them to the printer (this isn't complete overkill, I think I need auto printing for the other projects too)
- a tally on the front page of total number of members, and number who have renewed
- sexier CSS.  Actually I quite like the Gitorious look, which is why I 'took inspiration' from it a bit.  Theirs seems to involve thousands of lines of CSS, do people write all that stuff manually?


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