[ProgSoc] Announcing ProgClub

John Elliot jj5 at jj5.net
Mon Jul 25 23:03:08 EST 2011

On 25/07/2011 11:00 PM, Pat Morgan wrote:
> I should have chosen my words a bit better (sorry about their vehemence)
> but I don't think it's cool starting a club like this to throw it in
> Tom's face like this either. He locked accounts (kept yours, btw), to
> encourage people to renew their membership and support the club rather
> than just exploiting it unchecked. I still think it's a satire but if
> you're truly running it as just another club all the best with it. Maybe
> not the best place to advertise though, you get crazies like me here.

Yeah, it's "haha, only serious".

And I'll see your crazy, and I'll raise you double. I'm friggin' 

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