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As usual I can't read. 

Same post, just change '21st' to 2 weeks later (5th July). Gives us more notice anyway! 

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I believe POTI exam is on 29th.
- Tina

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 10:09 PM, Pat Morgan <patwm18 at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hey guys,

So according to this all UTS IT exams will be concluded after the 20th of June: http://www.sau.uts.edu.au/assessment/exams/timetable/faculty/feit.html

As such I would like to propose an end-of-exams and mid-year celebration, at Level 3 of Harbourside (just next to the Pyrmont Bridge). This delightful venue has a bar, bowling alley, arcade games and most importantly laser skirmish; in which I warn you now I shall destroy you all*

The best date would probably be the 21st June (Thursday), when our normal meetings are on anyway. Harbourside Level 3 is usually booked out or full Fridays but that's not to say we can't book it ourselves if Friday suits more people.


*My incredible ability to disappear diminishes heavily under the influence of alcohol, where I am much more likely to crash into things.  




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