[ProgSoc] Are there any plans for a programming contest this year?

Peter Revelant peter.revelant at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 02:44:51 EST 2011

Hi all,

Now that exams are over (for me, at least), I have had some free time
to think not about what is, but about what could be...

>From the ProgSoc wiki:
What Should ProgSoc be doing?
Well, quite a few things. Generally, anything which furthers ProgSoc's
To encourage programming:
Hold classes/lectures/seminars and/or produce publications to help
people learn to use computers and to program them. (e.g. programming
classes, guest lectures and TFM.)
Hold programming contests.

1. Are there any plans to run a ProgSoc programming contest this year?
2. Are there any plans to drum up interest in external programming
contests (such as the ACM ICPC)?


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