[ProgSoc] Are there any plans for a programming contest this year?

marauder marauder at marauder.net.au
Thu Jun 30 07:47:56 EST 2011

On 30/06/2011, at 2:44 AM, Peter Revelant wrote:

> 1. Are there any plans to run a ProgSoc programming contest this year?

baha, there have been plans to run a Progsoc programming contest every year since I joined, which I will simply mention was last millennium.  One time we got a few people doing Robot Wars.  Recently some people were chipping away at Project Euler.  But I think the basic problem is that anyone who actually can program is doing it for pay.  The supply of undergrad programming talent has been limited for as long as I can remember, and dwindling steadily since dot com.  And get off my lawn.


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