[ProgSoc] Student Ticket Competition for cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex

Dennis Clark boomfish at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 19:51:20 EST 2011

Greetings all,

I've been made aware of an interesting learning opportunity for a
programming student to travel to Melbourne for a 2-day technical
conference in mid-November with return flight, registration and
accommodation fully paid for.

I'm an old programming fart who doesn't know any qualifying persons
personally, but having been involved with the Programmers' Society
during the previous millennium (I'm a Life member if you believe the
wiki) I thought that there might be some folks on this list who might
be interested in taking a shot at it.

The catch: the conference focuses on Adobe programming platform:
ColdFusion, Flex, and AIR. If the mere mention of these technologies
makes you gag, you can stop reading here and I thank you for your

The conference is not a trade show, nor is it run by Adobe itself:
it's organised by a bunch of independent developers in the Adobe
programming community and is highly focused on providing useful
training to Web programmers who use the Adobe platform. I know some of
the organisers and they are a very smart and friendly bunch.

While it helps to know a little of either CFML, Flex, or ActionScript,
you don't need to be proficient to get something out of the
conference. A number of the presentations cover broader topics such as
A/B testing, JVM tuning, and Agile development practices. I will also
be there to give a talk on source control practices.

Still interested?

All you have to do is state in 200 words or less why you would be the
best student to be sent to the conference. The best entry will be
selected from the submissions on the 15th of September, so don't take
take too long to think about it! Details are on the web site:


I hope some of you decide to enter, and wish the best of luck to those
who do. If you're not interested but know of some other students who
might be, please forward this message on to them.


-- Dennis Clark, f.k.a. dbugger

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