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Peter Revelant peter.revelant at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 23:44:50 EST 2011

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I have been playing with a copy of the PC2 system used for ICPC
competitions, in the hope of running a trial competition within
progsoc, and eventually a real competition within UTS. Unfortunately
focusing on my studies means that I only have time to work at it
piecemeal. I doubt I will be able to dedicate enough time to organise
and coordinate a competition until after the exams. If anyone is
interested in participating or assisting in the organisation, please
let me know. Perhaps if someone with enough free time wants to take it
over, it could even happen this semester.

The solutions to programming problems can be done in any programming
language available on the client and server machines. I envisage
enabling C,C++,java, maybe perl.

A trial competition within progsoc would require:
a) participants (generally in teams of 3, but could be individual if
we don't have the numbers)
b) question writers: someone to write questions, tests for judging
solutions, and sample solutions for testing. In a progsoc trial
contest we can probably get away with poaching questions from other
competitions, though we still need to write the tests. This is
probably the most labour-intensive task.
c) organising staff: an admin to monitor server status, judges to
judge answers (mostly the judges just rubber stamp automated judging
results), proctors who observe teams and act as a communication
channel between the admin and the teams. For a progsoc trial contest,
all these could conceivably be done by one person.

A full competition within UTS would require the full might of the
progsoc executive, and probably coordination with various other bodies
within UTS. If the progsoc trial competition is successful, I will
approach the executive with a proposal.

You can set up servers and clients to run in userland on the FEIT lab
machines with minimal configuration in less than 10 minutes, provided
you have spent an hour reading the manual first. I am using the older
version 8 because it has a fairly good manual, whereas version 9 does
There is a copy available in: /home/progsoc-users/revelant/Public
or you can download it from the official homepage http://www.ecs.csus.edu/pc2/
I will add a brief guide for setting up on FEIT machines during the
teaching break.

In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in regional or
international competitions, please read the email from UVa Online


This is an e-mail from 'UVa Online Judge'

One more year the UVa online judge will offer you very interesting
online contests. Some of them will be ACM ICPC Regionals. The season
starts next Saturday September 17th at 9:00 UTC with a contest from
Rujia Lu. Visit http://uva.onlinejudge.org/ for details about new
comming contests.

U are welcome to participate.

Miguel A. Revilla
Shahriar Manzoor
Rujia Liu
Carlos M Casas
Miguel Revilla

P.D.: Please visit the link below to see your local time:


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