[ProgSoc] [TenderSoc] Design ProgSoc's O-Day Banner!

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Mon Feb 6 13:52:37 EST 2012

One *more* last-minute requirement just provided to me by the Union, for
those of you playing at home.

The design must contain the UTS Union logo somewhere on the banner, since
the Union are footing the bill for the banners and would like to be
acknowledged accordingly.

You've still got 'til tomorrow night (Tuesday).


>> http://progsoc.org/~revelant/progsoc-banner/
> Finally! First submission!
>> I don't have any native cmyk applications (that I know of), so it is
>> RGB. Would this site be useful in converting to the standard required?
>> http://www.rgb2cmyk.org/
>> If someone has the tools and wants to recreate it, the ttf is in the
>> directory above.
> Excellent...
>> I also considered "progsoc 0-day", but chose simplicity over cleverness.
> It's good that you didn't write '0-day', since -- and I probably should've
> mentioned this earlier -- the banner is actually meant to be reusable for
> any other events a club might have, not just O-Day, so, for everyone else,
> *don't include the words "O-Day", "Orientation", etc. in your design*!
> Tom
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To judiciously use split infinitives is fine by me...

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