[ProgSoc] TFM now on the wiki

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Sat Jul 7 20:32:37 EST 2012

As decided by those present at this year's AGM[1], our venerable
publication, TFM has been made "available online...freely available to the
public, editable by members".

You may browse and -- if you're up to the task -- add to and/or edit TFM
by pointing your browser to:


A special thanks to all of you who assisted with the arduous and finicky
LaTeX to wiki conversion process ;)

Hopefully, with the conversion complete, progress on producing a print
version will happen a lot quicker.

Word of advice to all current and would-be editors of the wiki TFM: be
bold! Do not be afraid to add new content if you feel there is a void that
needs to be filled, content-wise, or hack-to-pieces and majorly update
those pages that are in desperate need of an update, or complete those
chapters marked INCOMPLETE.

YOU can help make this the best, most useful TFM ever!

NB: The original LaTeX version being tracked within the SVN repository,
while still accessible at time of writing, has henceforth been
*deprecated*. Please edit only the wiki and NOT the LaTeX. Thank you.


[1] http://progsoc.org/wiki/AGM_20120329#TFM_Report

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