[ProgSoc] TFM now on the wiki

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Tue Jul 17 14:48:57 EST 2012

> Oh yeah, Tom, I see you noticed my little primer on crypto.

TFM's my baby. It's my job to notice.

> It actually
> is a modification of a post I made on reddit[2] that received a lot of
> upvotes and positive feedback (people saying it was the first explanation
> of what crypto does that they had actually understood, etc), so I thought
> it was worth putting it somewhere it can continue doing good, e.g. TFM.

Simplistic algorithm, but yes, does explain it quite clearly.

> Are we still going to do a print-edition TFM, or has that been axed?

No, we're still definitely putting out print editions, just as soon as:

a) we've discovered a decent wiki-to-LaTeX converter (nothing like a
properly typeset book -- am considering wzdd's Texdown, although it will
require some modification to handle MediaWiki syntax) and;

b) someone finishes their HTML chapter that they started ;) as well as the
chapter on Computer Science (Thomas). There's also a planned chapter on
Project Management -- how's that going, Ben?

With the wiki TFM and the converter in place, we could put out a limited
run of print copies annually, or perhaps on demand.

> If so, I have a cover image in mind for this section.



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