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Ben Reardon benjamin.reardon at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 15:19:43 EST 2012

Hmm... how is project management going you ask?

Its best to say it isn't.

I had a meeting with Chris Johnson a while ago, and what we discussed blew
me away completely and left me very disheartened. He focused on how the
changes to how computer science is being taught means that the examples I
was thinking of using will likely not be understood at all by a chunk of
new alumni from UTS (let alone students). It went along the lines of "it is
possible to graduate with a single intro to programming subject".
Considering I was planning to use examples with a range of languages and
skills, these people would find it completely inaccessible.

He also outlined how there was a range of stuff available previously to
first years that did some pre-project management stuff (more self
management for new uni students) that was demonstratably ignored from the
number of assignments he got that did not obey those rules (and thinking
back, I bet my assignments were in that category).

In short, I left with the feeling that anything I wrote on the topic would
be only for people who had graduated, and even then not all of those
people. Is that a fair assessment of the interest in the topic and if so,
does it deserve a place in TFM?

Ben Reardon.

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 2:48 PM, Tomislav Bozic <tomchristmas at progsoc.org>wrote:

> > Oh yeah, Tom, I see you noticed my little primer on crypto.
> TFM's my baby. It's my job to notice.
> > It actually
> > is a modification of a post I made on reddit[2] that received a lot of
> > upvotes and positive feedback (people saying it was the first explanation
> > of what crypto does that they had actually understood, etc), so I thought
> > it was worth putting it somewhere it can continue doing good, e.g. TFM.
> Simplistic algorithm, but yes, does explain it quite clearly.
> > Are we still going to do a print-edition TFM, or has that been axed?
> No, we're still definitely putting out print editions, just as soon as:
> a) we've discovered a decent wiki-to-LaTeX converter (nothing like a
> properly typeset book -- am considering wzdd's Texdown, although it will
> require some modification to handle MediaWiki syntax) and;
> b) someone finishes their HTML chapter that they started ;) as well as the
> chapter on Computer Science (Thomas). There's also a planned chapter on
> Project Management -- how's that going, Ben?
> With the wiki TFM and the converter in place, we could put out a limited
> run of print copies annually, or perhaps on demand.
> > If so, I have a cover image in mind for this section.
> Nice.
> Tom
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