[ProgSoc] UTS Programming Competition 2012 - Sat 11 August

Peter Revelant revelant at progsoc.org
Thu Jul 19 01:48:26 EST 2012

The 2012 UTS Programming Competition will be held on Saturday, 11
August. It will be run by ProgSoc.

The competition is open to all UTS students (from any faculty) and
Progsoc members. We encourage both beginners and more experienced
programmers to compete. Entrants may enter as individuals, or as teams
of two or three. Prizes will be awarded to the best individuals and
teams. Entry is *free* (as in beer).

The aims of the 2012 UTS Programming Competition are:
- to develop coding skillz valued by companies such as Google. We are
talking about going beyond merely filling in fields of an existing
code template. The goal is to be able to come up with reasonably
efficient algorithms for non-trivial problems.
- to show off coding skillz valued by companies such as Google (talent
scouts may be watching)
- to meet like-minded people and learn from each other
- (for individual entrants) to find team members for the ACM
International Collegiate Programming Competition
- to prepare for the ACM International Collegiate Programming
Competition. Also, one of the prizes is sponsorship for the ACM ICPC
South Pacific Regional Competition (the $150 entry fee will be covered
by the university).
- to eat free pizza

If any of the above interest you, and they should if you are a ProgSoc
member, check out the web page for more information:

(The link for registration is not yet active - we will notify the list
when it is available).

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