[ProgSoc] Second call for problem writers

Peter Revelant revelant at progsoc.org
Thu Jul 26 02:16:14 EST 2012

As I posted previously, we need problem writers for the upcoming
competition. We currently don't have enough problem writers, so if you
are interested in promoting programming at UTS, have some experience
in programming, and aren't planning to enter the competition, please
email me with your idea for a problem.

Here is some more information to help guide prospective problem writers:

Example problems are at
We need
1. The problem description
2. sample input for testing, and the corresponding output (typically
short, straightforward instances of the problem)
3. the actual input for judging, and the corresponding output
(typically longer instances of the problem, often containing corner

The problems must be original, in the sense that entrants will not be
able to find the problem and solution using google. Ideally they will
be truly original, but twists on existing problems are perfectly
acceptable. For example, many competition problems can be reduced to
minor variations of the travelling salesman or bin packing problems.

Please let me know if you can contribute.

Peter Revelant
(CSO, programming competition organiser)

P.S. For those thinking of entering, please check out the web page for
details and a link to a registration form:

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