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Hi Progsoc,

Tonight the monthly IT security and other things mini-convention Ruxmon is on.

  Starts at: 6pm
  Location: Google building in Pyrmont

Send an email to the address as directed below to say you are coming. 
I know it is after the time/date listed, but have never had a problem 
previously sending in registration late.

Just tell the security guard at the front desk you're here for 
Ruxmon, and he'll tell you where to go (I mean, he'll tell you which 
floor to catch the lift to).


PS. his event runs on the first Friday of every month.

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>Ruxmon Sydney is on this Friday. As usual, we will adjourn to the 
>Pyrmont Bridge Hotel for a meal and a bit of a meet and greet.
>We are looking for Ruxmon speakers. Please email me if you would 
>like to speak on anything security related for between 10-30 minutes.
>For more information please see: 
>Registration is essential so please e-mail 
><mailto:syd-ruxmon-register at ruxcon.org.au>syd-ruxmon-register at ruxcon.org.au 
>with your name in the subject line before 12:00PM Thursday to ensure 
>you'll have a name-tag waiting when you arrive.
>Enhancements to the Windows 8 Kernel Pool Allocator - Tarjei Mandt
>In Windows 8, Microsoft introduces an array of enhancements to the 
>kernel pool allocator in order to address multiple attack vectors 
>which proved feasible on previous versions of Windows. Notably, 
>Windows 8 introduces the kernel pool cookie, designed to thwart 
>exploitation in situations where an attacker could overflow into 
>pool header structures containing pointers to process objects as 
>well as linked list (lookaside) entries. In this presentation, we 
>will look at the various improvements made, and discuss some 
>possible avenues of attack, emphasizing on pool (heap) determinism 
>and the lack of proper header protection (i.e. encoding).
>Date: Friday, June 1st
>Time: 6:00PM
>Location: Google Sydney, 5/48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont. Directions: The 
>Google office is a short walk from the Star City Metro Light Rail 
>stop. Attendees should either walk up to level 5 or take elevator. 
>There will be a registration desk where name-tags will be handed out 
>(prior registration is required) to attendees.
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