[ProgSoc] Build48 startup networking/mentoring event at UNSW

Peter Revelant revelant at progsoc.org
Sat Jun 16 19:35:06 EST 2012

For those members who harbour dreams of being the next Mark
Zuckerberg, or are otherwise interested in IT entrepreneurship, the
Build48 event at UNSW at the end of July may be a good first step. It
is not restricted to UNSW students; UTS students, ProgSoc members, and
the general public are all welcome to register and participate. I have
spoken to the organiser, and there are still onsite places left,
although those are expected be filled quickly once UNSW exams are over
and students turn their minds to other things.

The key attraction is the list of mentors with extensive experience in
the IT industry, and with startup ventures. I am told some software
engineers from Google will also be mentoring, so if a lack of mad
coding skillz is what is holding you back, you may get some tips from

Below is the blurb from the organiser. Visit the website for more
information, or to register.



Do you have an idea or do you want to help someone turn that idea into
reality in 48 hours?

Build48 is an upcoming innovation event (27th of July till the 29th of
July) that aims to get the very best ideas (prizes will be awarded for
the highest rated ideas) and execute these ideas into a final product
(team prizes will be awarded for the highest rated application).

What do you need to do?

Go the website http://www.build48.unsw.edu.au/ and register for the
event. You can either choose to attend the event onsite and be part of
an official team or participate in the event remotely. Remote
participants can help out a number of teams but won’t be eligible for
the team prize.
If you have an idea then make a video pitch of the idea, the highest
rated ideas in each category will be offered a prize.
The categories are ideas that would: improve the student experience,
improve the research experience or improve community engagement.
Watch the video on the website http://www.build48.unsw.edu.au/ to get
some examples ideas in each category.

What assistance will be provided?

The mentors will be industry and technical experts with diverse
knowledge and skills and will be attending the event to help the teams
by providing advice and insights. Could the idea/product be changed
slightly to achieve commercial success? What go to market strategies
could the teams use if they want to take the developed idea/product

There are limited onsite places so get in early!

Register early or you will miss out on the opportunity to collaborate
and network with exceptional talent.

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