[ProgSoc] [DonateSoc] ProgSoc want a ProLiant?

Peter Revelant revelant at progsoc.org
Tue Jun 26 02:50:35 EST 2012

Thanks for the offer of RAM, James (Kirsop). I have already replied to
James (Ducker) off-list telling him to go ahead and put the ProLiant
up on ebay. We already have quite a bit of hardware lying around
unused, which we need to utilise/cannibalise/recycle. It would be a
bit irresponsible to continue to hoard machines that could be used

I am hoping to press some of the dormant machines into service over
the next few months. No doubt some of those could benefit from RAM
upgrades, requiring DIMMs (SIMMs, SIPPs, DIPs!?) of various vintages.
When that time comes, and if I can't supply upgrades from ProgSoc's or
my personal store, I will post a wishlist to the ProgSoc list. Perhaps
your spare RAM box could come to our aid then.

Peter (CSO)

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From: James Kirsop <jimmyk at niflheim.progsoc.uts.edu.au>
To: progsoc at progsoc.org
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 20:38:26 +1000
Subject: Re: [ProgSoc] [DonateSoc] ProgSoc want a ProLiant?
On Thu, Jun 07, 2012 at 12:58:48AM +1000, Peter Revelant wrote:
> Hello James,
> Thank you for your generous offer.
> June-July is the period during which we will do a clean sweep of our
> hardware, finally using the donated machines sitting on the bench. I
> would like to use your ProLiant to run some VMs, if it has enough RAM,
> or if we can supplement it. How much RAM does it have now?
> Peter (CSO)

If you're short on an adequate amount of RAM, I can probably source
you some second hand stuff from a spare RAM box we have at work,
depending on what's already installed.


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