[ProgSoc] Nomination: Peter Revelant for Computer Systems Officer

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Fri Mar 2 18:01:50 EST 2012

I, Tom Bozic, nominate Peter Revelant to the position of Computer Systems

Peter has demonstrated an interest in improving, and better utilising,
ProgSoc's computer resources by labelling and cataloguing our collection
of Cisco routers and switches and by suggesting that we set up a few of
them to be accessed remotely for CCNA/CCNP students to practice on.

Also, he has plans for various competitions utilising ProgSoc's network
this year, which I am sure he will be keen to elaborate on both here and
at the AGM and which I am sure he will readily and capably implement
should he be elected.

Finally, he currently resides in student accommodations near UTS, meaning
that he can attend to the servers in a timely manner, should they require
immediate attention.

Ergo, he is my choice for the position this year.

[This nomination was funded by the "The Dyslexic Pertinent SuperPAC",
which did not coordinate in any way with Mr Revelant.]


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