[ProgSoc] Nomination: Peter Revelant for Computer Systems Officer

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Fri Mar 2 18:32:25 EST 2012


> Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 18:01:50 +1100
> From: tomchristmas at progsoc.org
> To: progsoc at progsoc.org
> Subject: [ProgSoc] Nomination: Peter Revelant for Computer Systems Officer
> I, Tom Bozic, nominate Peter Revelant to the position of Computer Systems
> Officer.
> Peter has demonstrated an interest in improving, and better utilising,
> ProgSoc's computer resources by labelling and cataloguing our collection
> of Cisco routers and switches and by suggesting that we set up a few of
> them to be accessed remotely for CCNA/CCNP students to practice on.
> Also, he has plans for various competitions utilising ProgSoc's network
> this year, which I am sure he will be keen to elaborate on both here and
> at the AGM and which I am sure he will readily and capably implement
> should he be elected.
> Finally, he currently resides in student accommodations near UTS, meaning
> that he can attend to the servers in a timely manner, should they require
> immediate attention.
> Ergo, he is my choice for the position this year.
> [This nomination was funded by the "The Dyslexic Pertinent SuperPAC",
> which did not coordinate in any way with Mr Revelant.]
> Tom
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