[ProgSoc] Pen Testing anyone?

Peter Revelant peter.revelant at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 22:17:30 EST 2012

In addition to the programming contest and remote access router pod
that Tom mentioned, I am also keen to run some penetration testing
exercises. Information Security is a burgeoning industry, and the best
way to learn is through hands-on practice. Specifically, I am thinking
of starting with the nebula exploit VM used at Ruxcon 2011 and the
Google Gruyere codelab, possibly leading to some capture the flag or
red vs blue competitions. Due to the university's acceptable use
policy, these pen testing activities would have to be run *entirely*
within the ProgSoc local network, so remote participation will not be
possible. As I envision running the programming contest and
implementing the router pod during Semester 1, pen testing will have
to wait until July at the earliest.

If you are interested in participating, interested in penetration
testing and security auditing in general, or have some knowledge of
the field, please reply to this thread. How we proceed will depend on
the suggestions of interested parties.

P.S. For political and public relations reasons, please avoid all
mention of the 'h' word when discussing this topic.

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