[ProgSoc] mail delays

Chris Deigan chris at deigan.id.au
Wed Mar 21 10:38:24 EST 2012


On 21/03/2012, at 9:54 AM, Peter Revelant wrote:
> 1. Is this happening to others on the list?
>     I suspect it is, but I should first rule out whether it is a
> peculiarity of the way I have set up mail forwarding or not.

Yes it will be.

> 2. What is the cause?
>     Is it policy (e.g. spam filter) or a configuration problem?

These messages were caught for moderation. The cause is there's only one moderator who didn't get around to clearing the queue until this morning. (Hi)

> 3. Can we improve the situation?
>     If it is a spam filter that requires human oversight, is there a
> way we can decrease turnaround time so that time-sensitive messages
> are delivered in a reasonable time frame? If it is a misconfiguration,
> can we fix it?

If volunteers wish to moderate the list more frequently then be my guest.

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