[ProgSoc] AGM Reminder -- 29th March (this Thursday)

Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.org
Wed Mar 28 02:41:56 EST 2012


The president does not have free reign.

There is a returning officer who actually conducts the process. The
process is, from memory, outlined in the constitution.

The voting procedure *is* modelled after the Unions. The only material
difference is the fact that we accept either a 50% quorum *or* the
minimum of 20 people.

Since, at one time, having half the membership turn up would be have
been impossible.


On 27 March 2012 16:49, Andrew Halliday <mail at andi.id.au> wrote:
> I think progsoc needs to develop or adopt a standard voting procedure.
> The lack of clear definition of the powers of the president mean that you are essentially dictating what you want to the members. Although I think what you have outlined below is fair (with one exception) it doesn't mean that this spirit will always be followed by subsequent office holders.
> Allowing nominations at an AGM and not allowing absentee voting is, well, bullshit. Nominations should close at least 3 days prior to the AGM and a list of candidates circulated to progsoc at progsoc
> The current state of electoral procedure is woeful. Doesn't the Union have a standard model that can be used?
> I probably shouldn't get my knickers in a twist considering most positions are elected by default, but its the principle of the matter - the president shouldn't have free reign to define electoral processes at each electoral event within progsoc.
> -Andi
> On 23/03/2012, at 5:06, "Tomislav Bozic" <tomchristmas at progsoc.org> wrote:
>> A reminder that the ProgSoc AGM is on
>> this Thursday, the 29th of March (six more sleeps at time of writing!)
>> starting at 1830 sharp
>> and taking place in the FEIT Board Room (CB10.03.290), as per previous years,
>> and that there will be food.
>> I would like to draw your attention to
>> http://progsoc.org/wiki/AGM_20120329 :-
>> As you can see, we have just one candidate nominated/seconded/accepted for
>> each Executive role at this time, meaning that if there are no further
>> nominations, this year's election will be a complete walkover and thus,
>> each candidate will be elected unopposed (this has happened before in
>> 2000[*] and 2001[**]). Now, personally, I wouldn't mind if it was a
>> walkover, as I approve each and every candidate thus far nominated and
>> therefore will not nominate/second any other candidates myself. But maybe
>> you might have someone else in mind for a particular role, in which case,
>> feel free to send your nomination to progsoc at progsoc.org or you may
>> nominate in person at the AGM, as usual.
>> A reminder of the voting procedure. Votes shall be cast in person at the
>> AGM by the clear and unambiguous raising of a single hand well above
>> shoulder level -- raise your hand for a single candidate per role, please!
>> If there is just one candidate for a given role, then they are elected to
>> that role unopposed, otherwise a candidate shall be elected by simple
>> majority (at least 50% of the membership present casting a vote, plus one
>> more).
>> In the event of there being three or more candidates and, if after the
>> first round of voting a simple majority has not been achieved, then the
>> candidate with the least amount of votes shall be eliminated and another
>> round of voting will be called for with only the remaining candidates to be
>> considered. If this does not yield a simple majority, then the above
>> procedure shall be repeated until there is a clear victor.
>> If you do not wish to vote, you may abstain by not raising a hand. In
>> reckoning a simple majority, your abstention will not be counted towards
>> the total vote.
>> Absentee votes will not be permitted, as this would be unfair on those
>> people not present, especially since the nomination of further candidates
>> will be allowed at the AGM, so it would be in your best interests to be
>> present at the AGM!
>> You may, however, nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf, if you are
>> unable to be present. Please send your proxy nomination to
>> psexec at progsoc.org (and ask permission from your proxy beforehand, of
>> course). Votes by proxies shall be given extra weight in reckoning of the
>> vote e.g. if a member is proxy voting on behalf of one other person, then
>> their vote shall be counted as two (2) votes.
>> Also, to be eligible to run as a candidate and be elected, and also to vote
>> at the AGM, you will need to have paid your membership for this year (this
>> *includes* our "Emeritus Presidents"). Records will be checked at the AGM
>> for this (also, I've got a pretty good memory of who has paid and who
>> hasn't ;) Pay online or on the day before the start of the AGM (ideally not
>> during -- best not to interrupt proceedings!). The ProgSoc room will be
>> open from 1700 to 1830 on the day for this purpose.
>> I would also like to remind you that the quorum for the AGM is:
>> 7.2.2 (...) fifty percent (50%) of members entitled to vote or twenty (20)
>> members entitled to vote whichever is lesser.
>> Since, at time of writing, we have 51 financial members this year, the
>> quorum shall therefore be 20. If we are to follow correct meeting procedure
>> and if it is determined at the advertised starting time that we don't have
>> quorum, then the only valid motion that can be made at the meeting would be
>> to adjourn the meeting to a later time (e.g. we do not commence the meeting
>> until we have quorum), so it is really important that as many of you come
>> as possible!
>> Finally, you will notice the agenda for the meeting on
>> http://progsoc.org/wiki/AGM_20120329 . If there is something else you wish
>> to bring up, feel free to add it to the agenda now.
>> Hope to you see you all there!
>> Tom
>> [*] http://progsoc.org/wiki/List_of_Executive_members_by_year#2000_.28XII.29
>> [**]
>> http://progsoc.org/wiki/List_of_Executive_members_by_year#2001_.28XIII.29
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