[ProgSoc] Executive Nomination

James Ducker jducker at it.uts.edu.au
Thu Mar 29 12:44:49 EST 2012

I have to be honest; in reality I don't have the time to both serve as a
ProgSoc executive and serve on the executive of the USyd Architecture
revue. Especially because revue events and rehearsals clash with Thursday
night events for most of the year.

Anyway I did actually throw together a short speech, and the short of it is
that in electing the executive more attention should be paid to the social
aspects of the club. You need people who will very pro-actively promote the
club and draw in new members, which is really the prime directive of any
club. If we fail on that the club quickly stagnates and goes dormant, which
in my opinion is what has happened over the last couple years. We are the
society that represents in part or in full the majority of the people
wandering around Building 10 on any given day. We should be an order of
magnitude larger than we are.

Find a president who is well networked inside FEIT both with lecturers and
students, who is a current full-time student at the faculty and who has
time to go round and promote the club frequently. Also stage at least one
event that is open to everyone and advertise the hell out of it. Net result
of good events will be member sign-ups.

Peter Revelant touched on the good idea of programming competitions. It's
something everyone in this club can participate in on some level, and it's
something where there's lots of opportunity to make it a fun and social
event, with the pizza and the illegal betting on the winner, and so on.

Anyway unfortunately the only sensible thing for me to do is to decline the
nominations, as much as I would love to give ProgSoc the golden year it
deserves and make 2012 the year of the Linux desktop, I don't have the time
to commit to a degree I would find satisfactory.

- James
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