[ProgSoc] JobSoc - PHP and Joomla Knowledge Required

James Kirsop jimmyk at progsoc.org
Wed Jul 10 11:54:52 EST 2013

Hi All,
The company I work for has a client with around 50 websites running
various version of Joomla – some 1.5.x, some 2.x. We would like all of
these updated to the latest possible version as the customer has
experienced many of their sites running 1.5.x (and occasionally newer)
getting hacked over the past few weeks due to security exploits which will
not get patched due to EOL releases.

We’ve done one upgrade for another customer running Joomla 1.6 to 2.5 and
it was quite time consuming. This was due to the fact that many of the
plugins and modules that the original developer used had to be taken out
and replaced with newer versions, or entirely different plugins.

Here’s what we’re looking for:
+ Experience with the Joomla CMS (not essential, but would be very useful)
– if you're smart, you should be able to pick it up pretty quick. A bonus
would be if you had experience with upgrading from older versions
+ Good PHP knowledge to be able to fix up any custom templates that we
can’t find replacement versions for, and allow them to work under the
newer versions of Joomla. A working knowledge of PHP security and common
exploits would be useful.
+ Good HTML/CSS knowledge to be able to analyse existing plugin
functionality from the page source, and if necessary, find/recommend
replacement plugins/modules
+ Basic MySQL and Linux knowledge would be a plus for database migration
between testing and live environments.
+ You need to be self-motivated and good at working by yourself. We’re
fine, after we’ve met with you in person, for you to work from home and
just touch base with us via email or skype chat. It would be a bonus if
you were able to come to the office for at least a day a week, so we can
report back to our customer on progress. Our office is in the Hills

Payment for your time is negotiable and can be discussed when you come in
to meet with us.

Please shoot me an email at jkirsop at daraco.com.au or give me a call on
1300 327 226 (and ask for me on any of the IVR options) if you're
interested or have any questions.

We'd like to get started on this by the end of the week so if you're
interested please respond quickly.

James Kirsop

Daraco Services

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