[ProgSoc] .au TLD proposal by auDA (register straight on the .au)

Leefe 3trk at progsoc.org
Fri Sep 25 07:37:30 AEST 2015

Hi Progsocers,

There is a proposal before the body that manages Australian domain names, auDA, about allowing the registration of domains straight on the .au

Pushed as a way to ‘simplify’ domains in Australia. Could be interpreted as a push be registrars to make more money be making more domains available. Will it just confuse things further when people try to visit sites?

Have a read of the EFA article. Read the auDA paper. And vote on the proposal at Surveymonkey.

Voting closes on 30 September 2015, and only one vote per IP address is allowed.




"Proposed changes to .au domain space - your opinion sought

auDA, the administrator of the .au country-code domain space regularly
convenes panels to review the structure and policy settings for .au
domain names.

The 2015 Names Policy Panel has released a series of draft
recommendations and is seeking input from the public.

The primary recommendation is that, for the first time, registrations
will be allowed at the 'second-level', which would allow the
registration of yourname.au.This would be in addition to existing
options such as yourname.com.au, yourname.net.au, yourname.org.auetc.

This change, if implemented, would bring .au into line with the
majority of country-code domain spaces that already offer second-level

Both New Zealand (.nz) and the United Kingdom (.uk) have recently made
this change. It should also be noted that this recommendation is made
in the context of the introduction of hundreds of new 'Top-Level'
domains, including such new spaces as .sydney and .melbourne, .xyz and

The panel has recommended that 'second-level' registrations should be
available to entities currently able to register 'third-level' domain
names within .au - ie .com.au, .net.au, .org.au etc, and importantly,
also to Australian individuals (citizens and residents).

At present Australian individuals can register within .com.au and
.net.au if they have an ABN, or they can register within .id.au
without an ABN. The recommendation is that Australian individuals
would also be able to register second-level .au names without an ABN.

If you or your organisation has a .au domain name, or even if you've
chosen not to, these changes may be of interest to you.

You can provide your opinion (before 30th September 2015):

by completing this short survey
by making a submission to the Panel. Details here.

Please note that EFA's Executive Officer Jon Lawrence is a member of
the 2015 auDA Names Policy Panel, in his personal capacity - that is,
his views are his alone, and are not representative of EFA.

At this time, EFA does not have position on the Panel's recommendations."


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