[ProgSoc] So what's cool/interesting/fun about ProgSoc?

Liam E-P liamzebedee at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 17:05:00 AEDT 2016

We all remember an awesome experience we've had in ProgSoc. Hackathons,
chats, beers or hacks, *we've got culture**.*

For me, I still remember our ProgComp team *"// no comment"* laughing our
asses off because we'd just spent 30 minutes debugging our solution, when
the problem was the serif *1* looked like the loop variable *i*.

Or staying up at Hackagong all night hacking (occasionally sleeping on
beanbags), with that giant motorised helium fish flying throughout the
caffeinated teams.

*Do you remember when you first heard about it all?*

This *Wednesday*, ProgSoc is hosting its O'Day stall, and we're looking to
do exactly that -- show new students, prospective members, what we're
about. What *they can contribute* and *what we can share back*.

So if you have something you could share, *send a reply!* Links to projects
(repos etc.), stories, hardware projects etc. are all something we want to

Or even better, *come in on the day*. We'll be there from 9am onwards in
the Tower building.

(PS welcome to the new sem! or should I say tri now?)

- Liam and the exec
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